Where do I go from here?

I officially reached my goal weight yesterday at my at-work Weight Watchers meeting. This means I am now in Maintenance for 6 weeks. ooooh…ahhhh! It boils down to this: strike a good daily Points Plus balance that has me neither gaining nor losing more than 2 lbs either way of my goal weight.

I know it’s not rocket science but today it FEELS like it. It’s a HUGE Mind F. OMG. I’m having to eat more, just so I can stop losing. OMG. I’ve been losing for 3 years now! And as of yesterday, I can’t do that anymore. Is this what it feels like to have to eat more to gain ‘healthy’ weight when you’re pregnant?! OMG. I swear I might need to go to a psychologist when I get pregnant…I’ve been watching what I eat for 3 years and I’ve lost 120 lbs – yes, that’s One Hundred and Twenty Pounds. And then I’m supposed to gain 20-30? OMG. I know I’m being a total drama queen, I know that gaining weight during a pregancy is necessary for the health of the baby…I know that.

Which is why I’m at least giving myself 6 months between becoming a Lifetime WW member and trying to conceive. (Hi, now you know our plans dear world!) My husband and I have already had this discussion many times and he’s okay with it. I want to get into the routine of maintaining to know that I can do it, before I have to start gaining (in a healthy way)! I just need to trust the Weight Watchers ‘maintenance’ and ‘lifetime’ process. I know I’ll never stop tracking, I can’t, it’s in my blood now. I’m sure I’ll even track when I’m pregnant – maybe not Points Plus wise, but just generally writing down what I’m eating. If I get out of the habit for 9 months, I know it’ll be that much harder to get back into it.


Pumpkin Pie Season

I LOVE pumpkin pie. I love Autumn, I love leaves changing colors, I love cooler weather, I love hot chocolate, but I. LOVE. Pumpkin pie. With the burning passion of a thousand suns. If I could find pumpkin pie lip gloss, you know I’d wear it year round. OMGsogood.

And so I bring you a yummy, easy recipe if you, like me, need a pumpkin pie fix but don’t want to sacrifice the calories for the real deal.

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
Serves 1

8 oz. Skim Milk or Almond Milk
1 or 2 scoops of chocolate (or vanilla) protein powder
1 packet Weight Watchers Chocolate Smoothie mix
2 Tablespoons canned pumpkin
2 Tablespoons plain oatmeal
Few dashes of Pumpkin Pie spice & Cinnamon
8 oz ice

Blend everything BUT the ice first, then add in the ice and blend until smooth & creamy.

Weight Watchers PP+: 5 ( if using smoothie packet – may increase with other type of protein powder)

Rephrase Your Life

Overheard today in the breakroom:

“I lost 6 lbs last week, so I deserve this big piece of cake!”

I used to say that I deserved to eat this or that. I thought I could justify my choice because “I exercised!” or “I only had a salad for lunch!”

But tell me, how does saying that you DESERVE to eat something better your life? Does it lift your spirit? Does it brighten your soul?

For me, if I ate what I thought I deserved, I never ceased to feel an overwhelming sense of guilt! Yes, the food provided a momentary high, but the mental ‘crash’ was always so very hard. Don’t let food be your crutch or outlet! It’s NOT worth it.
Instead of saying you deserve to have a cookie, big Wendy’s hamburger, Sonic shake, etc. – why not try replacing that with, “I deserve time for a walk/run today” or “I deserve time to finish that book”. Think about the end game – think about how much better your state of mind will be if you don’t eat what you ‘deserve’, but rather do something to help improve your life!