Where do I go from here?

I officially reached my goal weight yesterday at my at-work Weight Watchers meeting. This means I am now in Maintenance for 6 weeks. ooooh…ahhhh! It boils down to this: strike a good daily Points Plus balance that has me neither gaining nor losing more than 2 lbs either way of my goal weight.

I know it’s not rocket science but today it FEELS like it. It’s a HUGE Mind F. OMG. I’m having to eat more, just so I can stop losing. OMG. I’ve been losing for 3 years now! And as of yesterday, I can’t do that anymore. Is this what it feels like to have to eat more to gain ‘healthy’ weight when you’re pregnant?! OMG. I swear I might need to go to a psychologist when I get pregnant…I’ve been watching what I eat for 3 years and I’ve lost 120 lbs – yes, that’s One Hundred and Twenty Pounds. And then I’m supposed to gain 20-30? OMG. I know I’m being a total drama queen, I know that gaining weight during a pregancy is necessary for the health of the baby…I know that.

Which is why I’m at least giving myself 6 months between becoming a Lifetime WW member and trying to conceive. (Hi, now you know our plans dear world!) My husband and I have already had this discussion many times and he’s okay with it. I want to get into the routine of maintaining to know that I can do it, before I have to start gaining (in a healthy way)! I just need to trust the Weight Watchers ‘maintenance’ and ‘lifetime’ process. I know I’ll never stop tracking, I can’t, it’s in my blood now. I’m sure I’ll even track when I’m pregnant – maybe not Points Plus wise, but just generally writing down what I’m eating. If I get out of the habit for 9 months, I know it’ll be that much harder to get back into it.