Funkadellic Land of Lost Mojo

I’d like to invite you all in to get a sneak peak of my Funkadellic Land of Lost Mojo. It’s a super funky place that is a big mix of feeling lost in the desert, sunk at the bottom of the ocean, and floating isolated in outer space.

Got it?


Lost in this Funkadellic land is my creativity (my mojo).

I’m pretty certain what caused me to even take a trip into this horrible, weird place. It all started about 4 weeks ago when my husband was asked to work out of town (just an hour away, but still). At first it was just for a week, then two, three was supposed to be the last…but he’s still there this week. I’ve had him home for a bit on the weekends (last week we had THREE WHOLE DAYS together!) but haven’t seen him other than that. The cell phone has been our best friend.

The first week was kind of fun. I had all of these great, creative things planned out because I was alone and didn’t have to worry about ‘catering’ to someone else!

The reality was that I sat on the couch all night and watched Netflix.

I pondered going upstairs to my craft room to bust out the sewing machine, maybe some rubber stamps and even glitter

…but then I just sat on the couch and watched Netflix.

Week two came around and I could sense that my Mojo was teetering on the verge of disappearing altogether.

When week three showed up – I acknowledged that it was completely gone. I even told a few people that I’d “Lost my Mojo”…they all laughed lightly and assured me that it’d come back.

But now I’m in week four. That is a MONTH of A) not having my husband around all the time and B) being Mojo-less.

I know, I know – this is really just a short bout of depression – I’m aware of this. I’m hoping that when he’s back at home full time, I’ll be 100% again. I am proud of myself, however, for not “turning” to anything during this Funkadellic trip. I’ve been sticking to my Weight Watchers plan and I’ve tried to still get in my exercise every day (though I haven’t ventured outside, after work, since he’s been gone). Even though I feel that cloud hanging over me, I know that it WILL lift soon.