Being Human

Sometimes there is such injustice (execution of Tyler Davis) and justice (release of 2 hikers in Iran) in this world that my soul gets rattled beyond belief. I question God and ask if He really knows what we’re going through down here. If he sees the two bodies hanging on the bridge in Mexico, if he looks into the eyes of the famished babies in Africa, if he witnesses the people being hit by the plane at the airshow over and over and OVER again. I ask because we are bombarded with these images every. single. day.

As quickly as I question Him, He answers back. This came in an email at work from our Prayer Chain:

The one to whom we pray knows our feelings. He knows our temptation. He has felt discouraged. He has been hungry and sleepy and tired…He nods in understanding when we pray in anger…He smiles when we confess our weariness…He cares when we are hurting…He, too, knew the drone of the humdrum and the weariness that comes with long days…God became flesh and dwelt among us.


Rephrase Your Life

Overheard today in the breakroom:

“I lost 6 lbs last week, so I deserve this big piece of cake!”

I used to say that I deserved to eat this or that. I thought I could justify my choice because “I exercised!” or “I only had a salad for lunch!”

But tell me, how does saying that you DESERVE to eat something better your life? Does it lift your spirit? Does it brighten your soul?

For me, if I ate what I thought I deserved, I never ceased to feel an overwhelming sense of guilt! Yes, the food provided a momentary high, but the mental ‘crash’ was always so very hard. Don’t let food be your crutch or outlet! It’s NOT worth it.
Instead of saying you deserve to have a cookie, big Wendy’s hamburger, Sonic shake, etc. – why not try replacing that with, “I deserve time for a walk/run today” or “I deserve time to finish that book”. Think about the end game – think about how much better your state of mind will be if you don’t eat what you ‘deserve’, but rather do something to help improve your life!

Tattoo Dreams

I have always dreamt of getting a tattoo. Not too big, not too bold, just something soft and feminine.

The problem is that I am TERRIFIED of needles. I’ve been in a tat shop before and the sound that those guns make…oh my. I wish there was a quick & easy way to get over my fear, but my anxiety is overwhelming!

If I ever make my dream a reality, I’m thinking of either a lotus flower or Celtic cross.

Now, who wants to invent a silent, pain-free tattoo gun?

Let’s talk hypocrites…

Everyone knows one or two (I work in an office full of them!). You may have one in your family. You may be friends with one. I’m not foregoing blame because I know I’ve been one.

But I want to talk about the PROVERBIAL hypocrites. The ones that are constant liars, constant back stabber’s, constant hypocrites.

I have two in my office, let’s call them Batman & Robin. They are BOTH queen bees (in the biggest, ugliest sense of the word). I also liken them to hens, because when one leaves the roost for a day, the other just HAS to step up and ‘take over’. Ay Dios mio! It is a constant power struggle! Batman & Robin are the BEST of friends to each other’s faces, but when one turns their back – watch out!

The reason that Batman & Robin bother me so much is because they are SO FAKE. I hate that they’ll ask someone something about they’re lives and then feign sincerity and say something to sound like they really care. I have NEVER met anyone like them before. It’s always a game of who can top the other, who has the best story, who went on the best vacation,  who know the most important people, etc.


Get OVER yourselves, please.

I have learned, a little too late, to not tell them ANYTHING about what’s going on in my life. They’ll just misconstrue it and spread gossip around. Talk about a leaky faucet!

……….okay, I’m better now. *whew*

Book Geek


So I’m sitting in line waiting for the annual Library Book Sale. I’m a book geek, by nature. I’m not an avid reader of said books…how strange, I know. However, I love books on my shelf. I love seeing them in my bookcases, all lined up – fiction, non-fiction, historical, big picture books…I love them all! And so I’m going to by more, to fill my shelves, because it makes me happy.

Side note: I don’t know anyone in the picture, they’re just fellow geeks. :o)

Just a little bite won’t hurt…


Isn’t that what the mean old witch said to Snow White before she bit into the poisonous apple? Even if it’s not, you get the point.

I am SO tired of my weightloss naysayers! The ones that ‘tempt’ me or teasingly taunt me with food. “Oh just take a bite, what’s it gonna hurt?”

Obviously it’s NOT going to hurt YOU, is it? The only ‘harm’ will come to ME! I KNOW that I won’t put on 5lbs with just one bite. I KNOW that’s not possible. What they DON’T know is how HUGE my lifelong struggle with food has been.

They don’t know about the hundreds of times I’ve secretly snuck food away to eat it alone, by myself. They don’t know about the full size bag of Doritos & Peanut Butter M&M’s that I ate in one sitting when I was 10. They don’t know that I look in the mirror EVERY TIME I WALK BY ONE wondering if the weight will suddenly come back out of nowhere. They don’t know that I’m just now accepting the face and body I see in my reflection.

You try losing 116 pounds and not uncovering all of the nasty dirty secret habits that you had. It’s a VERY ugly truth!

I wish I could say that to all of the food pushers in my life. Mother in law included. But I can’t. The words wouldn’t come out right if I were to try to speak them. So I must write them in this public place of privacy (no in laws, grandmas, or parents!).

I want to scream out to the world that I’m finally breaking free of these damn chains! Weight loss is HARD. I’ve figured out what works for me and it’s AWESOME.

And so for those brownies that my co-worker so thoughtfully pushed on me, NO I don’t want one, but thanks for asking.