Life Changing

I’m on the edge of a precipice, waiting for my life to change. Again.

My life needs change – I crave change. I rearranged my room more than once a month before I moved out of my parents house because it needed a change. I moved to Overland Park after college because – ready for it? – I wanted a change of scenery. Matt and I moved 3 times in 3 years because we needed change (more space because my sister-in-law was moving in, then we wanted to buy a house because hey, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?)

My sister-in-law moved out a year ago and this current house is big and empty. We thought about filling it with a baby, but let’s be honest – we can’t afford it. We can’t afford for one of us to stay home nor could we afford day care (OMG, it’s highway robbery!)

SO. That brings us to our upcoming change. I posted back in October that we had talked to my parents about moving in together and making one big household. We’ve been discussing it more (and will be doing even more so over dinner tomorrow) and have concluded that the best option for now would be for Matt and I (and our furry critters) to move into their house, then we’d put ours on the market. Meanwhile, we’d help them fix up theirs, throw money into savings for a down payment, and start looking for our house w/acreage (and outbuildings!). This isn’t like a tomorrow type thing – we’re talking more late summer/fall scenario, but it’s still going to happen. It’ll definitely be an experience for all of us, living in their current house. My dad hates despises loathes change. (How am I his daughter?) So it will REALLY be an experience for him. It’s going to turn the poor man on his head, but I know he’ll survive. We all will.

The other life changing thing I’m craving is a warm plump smooshy little baby! Yes – you heard me right. I have baby fever (thanks in part to my ADORABLE nephew). That is some change I just can’t wait for!



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