Sometimes, it seems like life is just one long decision making session.

What do I want to wear today? What station has the cheapest gas? What do I need at the grocery store? Should I go with the higher or lower deductible?

Sometimes making decisions gets really tiring. Sometimes the decisions made make people happy or sad. Sometimes they can be life changing.

My husband and I have been making some uber huge big decisions over the past few months. One I’ve mentioned previously: having a baby (and when). The other is a decision that came to fruition out of a promise I made when I was a little girl.

I’m an only child and with that, I know that I have an obligation to my parents – there is only me – there is no one else to be there for them. And that is okay. I’m okay with it being only me. It’s only EVER been only me. Coming to that realization when I was a child, I made them a promise that I would care for them when they were older.

Wanting to fulfill and keep that promise, my husband, my parents, and myself have made the decision to live together. This is not a decision that comes lightly – it’s not something we’ve jumped into blindly. This is a commitment. It’s not a short term proposition, this is a forever kind of thing. I realize this is NOT for everyone! We’re not rushing into anything – in fact, Matt & I have to wait until next June/July to even put our house up for sale because we participated in the Homebuyer’s Tax Credit, so we have to wait until our 3 years are up.

My key points in all of us living together go something like this (in no particular order):

  • We would all save money by sharing the cost of everything – it’s expensive to live ‘on your own’ and if you can share the ‘burden’ with someone else, it really does help
  • Ideally, we would like either Matt or myself to stay home (at least part time) when we have a kid(s) because I’ve seen the benefits of that not only in the child but in the parent as well – we can’t do that in our current house
  • I want my parents to be able to retire at retirement age instead of working til they’re 70 or beyond
  • I want to establish a Homestead – one that our children will have the option of continuing on when they grow older
  • We want a place where not only my parents can retire, but where Matt and I can retire as well – yes, we’re thinking long term
  • We want to live in the country, no close neighbors, with room for the dogs to run :o)

Only a VERY small, minute handful of people know about this big decision of ours and that’s all the further it’s going as of right now. When we actually start the process of putting our houses up for sale and looking for a new place…then we’ll spread the word. I know I shouldn’t really care how people react to our choice, but deep down inside I can’t stop from caring. The people I’m scared the most about telling are my in-laws…I hate being judged and (Lord, forgive me) oh my heavens does my MIL judge. !!&%*$&! I can just hear it all now…everything she’ll say, so I’m trying to block it out until the time comes. The parties involved are all ecstatic about this decision and that’s all that matters!




1 thought on “Decisions

  1. How exciting!!!! I think this makes total sense for all of you and sounds like a great idea. =)
    And, I understand your worry about judginess, but I think you might be surprised. If I’m wrong, I promise I’ll go to bat for you. =)
    Love you!

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