Rephrase Your Life

Overheard today in the breakroom:

“I lost 6 lbs last week, so I deserve this big piece of cake!”

I used to say that I deserved to eat this or that. I thought I could justify my choice because “I exercised!” or “I only had a salad for lunch!”

But tell me, how does saying that you DESERVE to eat something better your life? Does it lift your spirit? Does it brighten your soul?

For me, if I ate what I thought I deserved, I never ceased to feel an overwhelming sense of guilt! Yes, the food provided a momentary high, but the mental ‘crash’ was always so very hard. Don’t let food be your crutch or outlet! It’s NOT worth it.
Instead of saying you deserve to have a cookie, big Wendy’s hamburger, Sonic shake, etc. – why not try replacing that with, “I deserve time for a walk/run today” or “I deserve time to finish that book”. Think about the end game – think about how much better your state of mind will be if you don’t eat what you ‘deserve’, but rather do something to help improve your life!


One thought on “Rephrase Your Life

  1. This is really helpful, Em. Lately, I’ve been telling myself, “I know you THINK you want to eat that cookie. But I know you REALLY want to lose your baby fat MORE than you want that cookie.” I will try your trick and see how it works. =)

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