Let’s talk hypocrites…

Everyone knows one or two (I work in an office full of them!). You may have one in your family. You may be friends with one. I’m not foregoing blame because I know I’ve been one.

But I want to talk about the PROVERBIAL hypocrites. The ones that are constant liars, constant back stabber’s, constant hypocrites.

I have two in my office, let’s call them Batman & Robin. They are BOTH queen bees (in the biggest, ugliest sense of the word). I also liken them to hens, because when one leaves the roost for a day, the other just HAS to step up and ‘take over’. Ay Dios mio! It is a constant power struggle! Batman & Robin are the BEST of friends to each other’s faces, but when one turns their back – watch out!

The reason that Batman & Robin bother me so much is because they are SO FAKE. I hate that they’ll ask someone something about they’re lives and then feign sincerity and say something to sound like they really care. I have NEVER met anyone like them before. It’s always a game of who can top the other, who has the best story, who went on the best vacation,  who know the most important people, etc.


Get OVER yourselves, please.

I have learned, a little too late, to not tell them ANYTHING about what’s going on in my life. They’ll just misconstrue it and spread gossip around. Talk about a leaky faucet!

……….okay, I’m better now. *whew*


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